We use the best and freshest of ingredients seasonally available with an emphasis on obtaining our products from local Utah businesses first.  

All of my recipes are perfected and made from scratch, right down to the fillings, frostings and fantastic homemade fondant.  

This package includes 1 cake flavor, 1 filling, 1 frosting, and flavored fondant or just frosting per tier.  Mixing and matching is allowed.   

WHITE SUPREME CAKE - This recipe is straight from childhood memory's.  It's made with fresh whole milk, and pure vanilla. 

CHOCOLATE CHIFFON CAKE - This recipe is a delicate and feathery light chocolate chiffon cake.  It's made with chocolate, whole cream, and pure vanilla.  It's so light and creamy I would recommend pairing it with any of the fillings and frostings.  

BUTTER YELLOW CAKE - This recipe is a classic and delicious all by its self.  It's made with fresh sweet butter, whole milk, and pure vanilla.  

Lemon Curd - freshly made from real lemons
Multi-Berry Puree - cooked down from real berries  
Strawberry Puree - cooked down from real strawberry's
Buttercream Icing - freshly made with real butter
Whip Cream-Butter Cream Icing - made with fresh cream and butter
Chocolate Buttercream Icing - made with real chocolate
Berry Buttercream Icing - made with fresh berries and butter
*NEW - What's your favorite candybar?  Try my candybar fillings.  They are terrific and compliment any of the above cake flavors.

If selected, there is an additional cost per tier, cost is based on cake and filling choice, size and shape. Mixing and matching is allowed.  Please contact Sweet-Erz Cakes for pricing.  

SALTED CARAMEL CAKE - This recipe is so sublime and wonderful, everyone who tries it is left speechless, there's not a crumb left on the plate, its that good.  It's made with fresh sweet and salted butter and whole cream all the way through the cake, to the Caramel Filling and Salted Buttercream Frosting.  *It's my top selling cake.

CHOCOLATE SUPREME CAKE - This cake is a rich, moist dark chocolate cake, that will more than satisfy all your chocolate cravings.  This cake is delicious with Raspberry Puree or my home-made Salted Caramel as the filling, then for frosting I would recommend the Raspberry Buttercream or Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting.  *It's my 2nd top selling cake.

CARROT CAKE - *FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  This recipe is an old family recipe of mine.  I only make this for my immediate family but I've had others who have tasted it and have begged me to put it on my menu.  With or without nuts, it's delicious.  I would recommend my Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting for the filling and icing.

WHITE CHOCOLATE SUPREME CAKE  *NEW This cake is a rich, moist white chocolate cake.  This cake is absolutely devine!   

BLUE BERRY VELVET CAKE - This recipe is in it's purest form.  It's made with fresh blue berries.  It's absolutely delightful when paired with lemon puree, blueberry puree, or chocolate ganache and my home-made Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting.  

RED VELVET CAKE - This recipe is well balanced with tang (buttermilk) and a hint of sweet (chocolate).  It's moist and delicious.  I recommend my home-made Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese frosting for the filling and icing.  

KEY LIME CAKE - This recipe is made with real key limes and zest.  When in season, I just can't make enough of it to go around.  It's fantastic with Key Lime Curd or Lemon Curd, and Key Lime Buttercream Frosting and for the traditionalist at heart, I add freshly grated Toasted Coconut.

BUTTER RUM CAKE - This is the only recipe in my repertoire that is not made and served in the same day.  It requires finessing and infusing flavors into the cake.  This cake is held together with Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache and Brown Butter Rum Frosting. Don't worry - I cook off most of the alcohol and just leave the flavor.  
I have seen customers actually eat this cake with they're fingers! 

CHERRY CHIP CHOCOLATE CAKE - There's nothing better than cherries and chocolate.  This cake is held together with Cherry Bits throughout the cake.  I recommend Cherry Puree filling or a Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate or Whip Cream Butter Cream Frosting.

* I'm constantly trying out new recipes, and recreating old ones with a twist - so please check back often for new cake flavors to try… If you have a cake flavor you want but don't see it on my list, please inquire as I'm certain I can make it for you.